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We provide digital engagement solutions that leverage enterprise data to create dynamic engagement campaigns. Our software solutions maximize user engagement through smart outreach and content personalization. Let our solutions optimize your data capture workflow and allow your users to do more with fewer clicks.

Cloee Capture ™

A Smarter Way to Manage Clinical Trial Data

Our Cloee Capture ™ platform allows clinical trial teams to capture pertinent data using dynamic digital forms. Digital forms are efficient tools that collect and process source data from clinical trial participants.
Cloee Capture ™ allows clinical trial teams to build engaging data collection forms using a simple drag-and-drop editor.
Clinical trial participants can securely access digital forms through optimized email and SMS messaging.

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Pediatric Risk Evaluation Testing Instrument (PRETI ™)

Self-Administered Child Health and Development Risk Screenings.

We provide in-office child health and development risk assessment applications that enable pediatric health providers to administer underutilized health risk screening tools.
Child health and development screenings allow pediatric healthcare providers to identify possible health and development risks early.

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Cloee Engage ™

Keeping Populations Healthy Through Dynamic Clinical Engagement.

Our Cloee Engage ™ platform uses clinical data to create automated outreach campaigns geared at increasing preventive service utilization. Cloee Engage ™ allows healthcare organizations to improve patient health outcomes through automated health engagement campaigns.

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