Cloee Capture ™ allows clinical trial teams to capture pertinent data using dynamic digital forms. Digital forms are efficient tools that collect and process source data from clinical trial participants.
Cloee Capture ™ allows clinical trial teams to build engaging data collection forms using a simple drag-and-drop editor.
Clinical trial participants can securely access digital forms through optimized email and SMS messaging.

Simple and easy to use

Build robust data capture forms on the go

Quickly build simple and complex data collection forms using Cloee Capture's ™ drag-and-drop form builder. Cloee Capture's ™ form builder provides dynamic elements that allow clinical trial teams to create engaging forms that capture disparate data points from trial participants.

  • Easily create digital forms for any clinical trial
  • Use dynamic form elements to capture data points
  • Send digital forms securely to trial participants
  • Manage trial data from a single platform
  • Generate reports and performance metrics
  • Multiple access roles for clinical trial team

Optimized Digital Content Delivery

Cloee Capture's ™ engagement functionality allows clinical trial teams to send digital forms to trial participants using optimized communication gateways. With optimized digital form delivery, trial participants can access data collection forms securely through email or SMS messaging. Optimized form delivery leverages personalized messaging to drive participant opt-in rates.

Workflow Sequencing ™

Cloee Capture's ™ workflow sequencing functionality allows clinical trial teams to automate participant engagement and data collection cycles. Workflow sequencing is a dynamic feature that utilizes decision logic to manage predefined data collection workflows and follow-up action cycles.

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