Patient Outreach and Engagement

Data-driven Patient Engagement Campaigns

Proactive, patient outreach, and engagement campaigns provide a data-driven approach to discovering, implementing, and managing recommended preventive services.
Routine preventive services improve patient health-outcomes, drive organizational/provider revenue, and significantly increase quality measure metrics.
Recommended preventive services are underutilized by both providers and patients. Healthcare organizations that fail to maximize the full potential of recommended preventive services are missing on significant revenue opportunities and leaving patients susceptible to health risks and costly medical conditions.
Proactive, patient outreach and engagement campaigns allow clinical organizations to realize the full value of recommended preventive services.
Using our Clinical Outreach and Engagement Engine (ClOEE), we can leverage existing clinical data, coupled with dynamic communication protocols to generate automated outreach campaigns, geared to increasing preventive service implementation and patient opt-in rates. Our solutions allow providers and healthcare to maximize the value of recommended preventive services and significantly improve patient health outcomes.

Smart Tools for Better Engagement

Smarter Patient Engagement Creates Healthier Populations

Multi Channel Communication
Automated Outreach & Engagement
Optimized Message Content
Personalized Outreach
Actionable Communication
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