Smart Patient Outreach

Value-centric Health

Getting patients to adhere to preventive service recommendations can be challenging for healthcare organizations.
Our patient engagement platform allows you to create and manage outreach campaigns that improve patient health outcomes and organizational revenue.

Care-driven Campaigns

Promoting preventive service utilization among patient populations creates benefits for both patients and healthcare organizations.

    Benefits include;

  • Improved patient health outcomes in patient populations
  • Increased organizational and provider revenue
  • Better quality measure reporting

Cloee Engage leverages clinical data to generate automated patient outreach campaigns that improve preventive service utilization rates.

Smart Tools for Better Engagement

Smarter Patient Engagement Creates Healthier Populations

Multi Channel Communication
Automated Outreach & Engagement
Optimized Message Content
Personalized Outreach
Actionable Communication
Secure Data Exchange

Would you like to get a better feel of how our digital engagement solution can create value for your organization?

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