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Data-Driven Actionable Intervention Points

Dynamic solutions allow healthcare organizations to maximize efficiency and implement evidence-based clinical interventions through clinical workflow automation.

Dynamic Risk Evaluation + Management
Readmission and Rehospitalization Reduction Solutions.
Quality Measure Performance and Reporting Improvement
Automated Clinical Campaign Management

Better Care Through Actionable Data.

Leveraging clinical data to drive patient engagement is the key to expanding patient participation in the continuum of care.

Optimizing Patient Outreach and Engagement
Communication is a central-point in patient-centered care. Patient outreach and engagement solutions are key to expanding the patient’s role in clinical decision making and assessing the quality of provided care.
Secure, Seamless, Clinical System Connectivity
Clinical system connectivity facilitates the exchange of actionable data between disparate health systems. Synchronous data exchanges ensure prompt resolutions of next-step clinical actions.
Data-driven Clinical Process Automation
Automating resource-consuming front and back-office clinical workflows improve organizational efficiency and maximize patient adherence to treatment and clinical program opt-in rates.

The value of data captured outside the clinical setting.

Clinical data is invaluable in improving patient care and lowering health costs. Clinical data used to assess and support patient health is mainly captured within clinical facilities. There's a significant clinical data gap once a patient leaves the clinical facility. Clinicians and care providers have incomplete data sets to provide optimal care once a patient is outside the clinical setting. Novatross-IQ provides capabilities to capture data outside the clinical setting, giving clinicians valuable intervention points to reconcile health risks.

Connectivity Drives Clinical Workflow Automation.

Secure, Seamless, integration with EHR and PMS systems.