Preventive Health & Clinical Outreach

Improving Population Health & Wellness Through Intelligent Patient Engagement.

Patient Engagement

HIPPA Compliant

Dynamic clinical outreach and patient health engagement can improve health outcomes and lower care costs.

Clinical Data Exchange

HL-7 & Webservice Ready

Ad-hoc clinical activation and adherent.

Clinical App Development

Plug & Play

Convenient, Secure & Reimbursable.

Better Healthcare Through Actionable Data.

Actionable Data empowers healthcare providers to make better decisions. But how can this data be used to generate dynamic clinical outreach and patient health engagement campaigns? These ad-hoc campaigns allow patients to take a collaborative role in managing their health?

Patient Centric Triple Aim

The Triple Aim benchmarks can not be achieved unless patients are engaged in playing a bigger role and becoming active stake holders in their own health.

How effective was the treatment, how is the patient adapting to everyday life post treatment ?
There's a valuable data vacuum between a patients last and next visit. We provide tools to capture this invaluable data which is critical in quantifying Health Outcomes
Increasing Hospitals system impact on the overall health of the population.
Our patient engagement & activation solutions provide Hospital systems with cost effective tools to improve chronic disease management within the population they serve. This results in Better Care for the community.
Reducing the per capita cost of health care
An aggregate integration of patient engagement and activation tools is key in keeping the population healthy and reducing readmission. This proactive approach significantly Lowers Healthcare Costs.



Healthcare organizations use different systems to manage various aspects of patient care. How do we get these disparate systems to exchange and access vital patient information, not only within the same organization but also across different facilities. Standardized medical information exchange ensures that disparate healthcare systems understand clinical and patient data in the same way. Hl7 is an Intentional standard established over 20 years ago to help healthcare information systems within and across organizations to communicate better.

Healthcare Data is Wasted if not Actionable

Healthcare data aggregation is geared towards developing proactive population health management plans and polices. Innovative health technology and data transfer standardization has led to the development of disparate applications to capture, manage and transmit vital clinical data. This data can be leveraged in the identification of Risk factors and management of chronic conditions across a population. The Novatross product suite provides Health System ambiguous applications which are able to extract clinical health data and create actionable events. These actionable events directly improve patient outcomes, care experiences and lower care costs.

Loss-less Data Transactions

Harmonizing Data Transmissions Between Disparate Healthcare Systems.

Healthcare Tools that Work !

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