Self-Administered Child Health and Development Risk Screenings.

Child health and development screenings allow pediatric healthcare providers to identify possible health and development risks early.
Staffing and technical tool limitations prevent pediatric healthcare providers from maximizing revenue and care improvement opportunities from risk screenings.
Our digital screening solutions allow pediatric healthcare providers to efficiently administer evidence-based child health and development risk screenings remotely or in the office.

Evidence-based child health and development risk screenings that engage parents and drive child health outcomes.

Caregiver-focused Health Risk assessment
Child Development Screening
Patient Focussed Health Risk Assessment
Brief Emotional/Behavioral Assessment

Foster Collaborative Care Relationships With Parents.

Self-administering child health screenings encourage parents to take an active role in monitoring their child's health and development using evidence-based tools. Pediatric healthcare providers can review parent observations in structured data formats.

Better Insights Into Your Patient Population

Pediatricians get better insights and growth status in the health and development of their patients using standardized screening instruments. Our self-administered screenings are quick and allow pediatricians to identify possible risk factors with minimal staff resource utilization.

Revenue Potential & Quality Measure Improvement

Risk Assessment screenings create additional revenue for clinical organizations. Screenings administered through our platform are reimbursable and billed independently of wellness visits. Risk assessment screenings are also quality measure weighted and allow clinical organizations to meet quality measure benchmarks.

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