Personalized Care Through Ai-driven engagement.

Ai-driven health and wellness check-in programs allow clinical organizations to personalize and automate health and mental wellness risk assessments for patient populations. Health and mental wellness check-ins are administered remotely with minimal clinical staff efforts.
Health and mental wellness check-in programs leverage dynamic patient engagement protocols and evidence-based templates to generate possible health and mental wellness risk profiles. These risk profiles help healthcare providers to implement timely interventions for at-risk individuals.

Ai-driven engagement can help:

Create Better Pre-appointment Experiences For Your Patients.

Ai-driven engagement supports secure pre-appointment outreach and engagement programs. Pre-appointment outreach and engagement programs allow patients to complete intake tasks such as filling clinical questionnaires and health risk assessments at home instead of the doctor's waiting room.

Benefits of pre-appointment outreach and engagement;

  • Better prepares patients for clinical appointments
  • Significantly reduces clinical staff workloads
  • Creates reimbursable revenue opportunities
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    Ai-Driven engagement for pediatric organizations

    Maximize Self-Administered Child Health and Development Risk Screenings.

    Ai-driven engagement allows pediatric organizations to administer evidence-based child health and development screenings remotely or in the waiting room with minimal staff resource requirements.
    Child health and development screenings are underutilized in pediatric organizations. Routine child health and development screenings provide an opportunity for healthcare providers and parents to collaborate in addressing child growth and development concerns.

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    Ai-driven engagement in the workplace

    Prioritizing Mental Wellness in the Workplace.

    Employees are happier and more likely to work for organizations that have a focus on mental wellness. Ai-driven engagement allows employers to implement digital programs that support employee mental wellness. Our Mental Wellness Check-in™ program utilizes evidence-based mental wellness engagement resources to help employees improve mental wellness outcomes.

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