Create Better Pre-appointment Experiences For Your Patients.

Reduce clinical staff workloads and allow healthcare providers to identify potential health risks and access to patient concerns before scheduled appointments.

    Reduce front office staff workload

    Generate revenue for your practice
    Identify potential health risks.

    Better appointment preparation

    Unlock Patient Care and Revenue Opportunities.

    Our automated pre-appointment engagement campaigns will help you identify potential health risks and generate fee-for-service revenue while reducing your workloads.

    Connect with patients before scheduled clinical visits.

    Pre-appointment engagement allows patients to complete clinical questionnaires and health risk assessments at home instead of the doctor's waiting room. This secure, remote engagement better prepares patients for clinical appointments and significantly reduces clinical staff workloads.

    Data-driven conversations

    Providing patients with personalized clinical questionnaires and health risk assessments before a clinical visit enables patients to ask the right questions during clinical discussions with their doctor. Identifying possible health risks from clinical questionnaires and health risk assessments before a patient's clinical visit provides the doctor with additional clinical discussion points.

    Better health outcomes through digital check-ins

    Health risk assessments and surveys allow clinical teams to gauge a patient's understanding of treatment instructions and care-plan recommendations. Patients who understand treatment instructions and adhere to care plans achieve positive health outcomes. Identifying patients who do not understand treatment instructions or are at risk of not adhering to care plans or treatment recommendations allows clinical staff to implement timely interventions.

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