Create Better Pre-appointment Experiences For Your Patients.

Reduce clinical staff workloads and allow healthcare providers to identify potential health risks and access to patient concerns before scheduled appointments.

    Reduce front office staff workload

    Generate revenue for your practice
    Identify potential health risks.

    Better appointment preparation

    Unlock Patient Care and Revenue Opportunities.

    Our automated pre-appointment engagement campaigns will help you identify potential health risks and generate fee-for-service revenue while reducing your workloads.

    | Smart Engagement

    Maximizing patient enrollment and adherence to clinical health programs.

    Enhanced patient outreach and communication protocols leverage smart tools such as Physician voice™ to drive pre-appointment engagement opt-in rates. Physician voice™ functionality integrates the doctor's actual voice to personalize outbound communications.

    | Reimbursable Health Risk Screenings

    Evidence-based health risk screenings covered under most insurance plans.

    Our extensive library of evidence-based health risk assessment templates allows healthcare providers to capture health risk data from various patient demographics. These templates also generate treatment pathway recommendations for patients with identified health risks.

    | Reduce Workloads

    Increase organizational efficiency by reducing front & back office workloads.

    Our pre-appointment engagement solutions reduce employee and staff workloads by automating pre-arrival tasks and in-office health risk assessments. Automating these workflows allows healthcare providers to review health risk data and generate care plans before the patient's appointment.

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