Creating a positive mental wellness culture across your organization

Our Mental Wellness Check-in™ program provides employees with access to evidence-based mental wellness resources that help achieve and maintain positive mental wellness outcomes.

    Easy-to-use digital, HIPPA compliant program

    Collaborative mental wellness management
    Evidence-based mental wellness check-ins

    Monthly mental wellness engagement

    Mental Wellness Programs Drive Productivity

    Overcome the challenges of implementing mental wellness initiatives across your organization.

    • 19%

    Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S experience mental wellness issues each year

    • 59%

    59% of Employees cite mental wellness as the primary reason for leaving a job

    • 86%

    86% of employees that addressed mental wellness increased productivity

    Prioritize mental wellness awareness in your organization.

    Employees are happier and more likely to work for organizations that have a focus on mental wellness. Novatross helps employers implement digital programs that support employee mental wellness. Our Mental Wellness Check-in™ program utilizes evidence-based mental wellness engagement resources to help employees improve mental wellness outcomes

    Overcome the stigma of mental wellness conversations in the workplace.

    Employees are more likely to buy into employer-sponsored mental wellness programs that are easy to use and protect personal information access.

    Our Mental Wellness Check-in ™ program provides:

    • Multiple mental wellness screening tools
    • Secure employee-only access
    • Family Accounts for eligible members
    • Interval mental wellness engagement
    • Connectivity with healthcare systems
    • Clinical recommendations

    Actionable mental wellness engagement program

    Novatross's Mental Wellness Check-in™ program generates clinical recommendations and connects employees with their healthcare provider. This encourage employees to share mental wellness concerns with healthcare professionals. Improving mental wellness care collaboration between employees and healthcare professionals allows for timely interventions for employees who might need help managing mental wellness issues.

    See how our Mental Wellness Check-in ™ program can create value for your organization?