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Cloee-Rx™ provides a solution for effectively managing a sustainable MTM program for your pharmacy. With Cloee-Rx™, community pharmacists can automate their MTM workflows, enabling them to enroll more beneficiaries while reducing the pharmacy staff workloads.

  • Automatically Identify Eligible Beneficiaries
  • Dynamic Engagement to Promote MTM participation
  • Enroll Beneficiaries Into Pharmacy MTM Program
  • Administer Initial & Follow-up MTM Encounters
  • Automatically Generate MTM Documentation
  • Generate MTM Claim Data
  • Send Data To Beneficiary's Doctor

Reduce pharmacy staff workload

Identify Eligible Beneficiaries

Share CMR data with doctors
Generate revenue for your pharmacy

Administer MTM encounters

Automated engagement

Unlock Care & Revenue Opportunities For Your Pharmacy.

CLOEE-Rx™ is a low-cost software platform that helps community pharmacists create and manage their own successful Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program.

Automated MTM Eligibility Checks

Cloee-Rx™ can identify if new or existing beneficiaries are eligible for MTM. Cloee-Rx™ uses claims data submitted to major payers to verify if a beneficiary meets the prescribed drug criteria. Dynamic engagement campaigns before and after prescription services allow Cloee-Rx™ to qualify for disease criteria.

MTM Enrollment

Cloee-Rx™ enrolls beneficiaries who meet MTM services criteria into utilization engagement campaigns. These campaigns deliver personalized messaging outlining the benefits of your community pharmacy MTM program and the no-cost obligations. Beneficiaries can opt-in for MTM services from this campaign and complete the initial face-to-face CMR during their next pharmacy visit.

Initial MTM Session

Cloee-Rx™ offers two interfaces, a beneficiary and a pharmacy interface. Beneficiaries can add information and track information through the beneficiary interface. This information includes current medications and allergies. During MTM sessions, pharmacists can access beneficiary information and use pre-built worksheets to document MTM encounters.

Follow-up MTM Session

Major payers support up to 7 follow-up MTM sessions in a calendar year. Follow-up sessions are eligible for Telehealth services. Cloee-Rx™ provides functionality that allows pharmacists to schedule beneficiaries and conduct video-enabled MTM sessions.

MTM Session Documentation

Cloee-Rx™ allows pharmacists to document each MTM session digitally. After each MTM session, the beneficiary receives;
  • CMR Cover Letter (CL) 
  • Medication Action Plan (MAP) 
  • Personal Medication List (PML) 
  • Cloee-Rx securely delivers this documentation through its HIPPA-compliant beneficiary interface.

    Submitting MTM Claims

    Cloee-Rx™ creates documentation for every MTM session, simplifying the process for community pharmacists to submit claims and receive payment for the MTM services they offer to beneficiaries.

    Optimized MTM Data Sharing

    Cloee-Rx™ allows community pharmacists to share medication data with the beneficiary's primary care provider. With Cloee-Rx™, pharmacists can search our provider directory and send MTM documentation directly to the provider EMR.

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