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The Cost of Clinical No-shows

The most effective patient engagement occurs during face-to-face interactions with healthcare professionals. These face-to-face encounters are facilitated through clinical visits. Clinical visits are significant revenue drivers and are a comprehensive solution to managing health outcomes. Clinical visit no-shows can be detrimental to patients that fail to keep appointments. Studies have shown that patients who fail to adhere to clinical visits are less likely to be adequately screened for potential risks and receive the recommended preventive services. These patients also tend to have lesser control of chronic illness, and have increased emergency room visit and hospitalization rates. Clinical visit no-shows not only affect the patient’s health, they also negatively impact the organization’s bottom-line.
Revenue is not only lost in missed appointments but in labor effort dedicated to preparing for up-coming clinical visits.
Increase organizational efficiency and patient health outcomes, by reducing clinical visit no-shows with our Clinical Outreach and Engagement Engine (ClOEE). ClOEE is a dynamic patient engagement platform which synchronizes back office tools with intelligent communication protocols to generate high yield, ad-hoc patient engagement campaigns.

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Multi Channel Communication Protocols
Multi Language Support
Portals Anywhere
Physician Voice
Performance Metrics
Dynamic Video Messaging
Ad-hoc Outreach Campaigns
Calendar Synchronization
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