Do much more than just sending appointment reminders!

Level up your patient engagement capabilities with a secure patient engagement and clinical workflow automation platform that helps:

  • Automate patient health risk assessments
  • Create Better Pre-appointment Experiences For Your Patients
  • Improve treatment adherence with dynamic post-visit engagements
  • Maximize organizational revenue

    All-in-one patient engagement and workflow automation platform.

    Create value-driven campaigns that enable patients to complete front-office tasks outside clinical settings:

    • health and wellness risk assessments
    • wellness check-ins
    • pre-appointment engagement
    • post-visit assessment
    • preventive service engagement
    • ad-hoc clinical surveys
    • clinical program enrollment
    • health record reconciliation

    Smart Tools for Better Engagement

    Multi Channel Communication
    Automated Outreach & Engagement
    Optimized Message Content
    Personalized Outreach
    Actionable Communication
    Secure Data Exchange

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