Clinical Software and Application Development

Helping Build Game-Changing Clinical Tools.

Healthcare is an innovation-driven industry. Improvements in healthcare happen when innovators take on the challenge and develop smart tools that fix gaps in patient care and streamline operational workflows.
Healthcare providers make the best innovators. They understand clinical workflows and identify the gaps in patient care.
The continual improvement of healthcare administration and patient management has created a demand for smart medical apps that bridge or improve the functionality of exiting healthcare software applications. In a complex healthcare system, care providers and patients can not rely solely on EHRs to manage all aspects of a population's health. Smart technology provides the launch point in enhancing medical software application development. Medical professionals play a pivotal role in the improvement of healthcare. Their experience in clinical processes is a valuable resource in the development of new-age applications that meet the rigorous demands of a modern healthcare system.

Full Cycle Development

Novatross-IQ has worked with several healthcare professionals to develop working prototypes to validate proof of concept. From just a simple idea, we've built robust applications that are changing the face of healthcare and patient management. Let Novatross-IQ help you build the next game-changing healthcare application.

1. Analysis
4. Build
2. Planning
5. Testing
3. Design
6. Maintenance

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