Effects of Covid-19 on Mental Health

Early Risk Detection

Depression rates have increased by over 30% during the Covid-19 pandemic. As the nation continues to deal with this global crisis, healthcare providers are facing additional challenges in mental-health management. Shelter-in-place policies and reduced clinical visits have reduced healthcare providers' ability to identify potential mental-health risk factors within the patient populations they manage.
Novatross provides intelligent mental-health, risk assessment software applications that can help healthcare providers identify potential mental-health risks with a patient population.
Our software applications support dynamic patient engagement campaigns that allow health providers to automate mental health risk assessments for their patient population. By administering automated mental-health risk assessment campaigns at periodic intervals, healthcare providers can detect potential mental health risk factors earlier and implement actionable interventions for at-risk patients.
Our applications utilize intelligent outreach protocols that maximize patient engagement. Data generated from our risk assessment software applications provide clinical insights into the patient population that facilitate data-driven decision making.


30% Depression Increase!

Dynamic Mental-Health Risk Assessment

Smarter Patient Engagement Creates Mentally Healthier Populations

Multi Channel Communication
Automated Outreach & Engagement
Optimized Message Content
Personalized Outreach
Actionable Communication
Secure Data Exchange

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