Reducing the Impact of Covid-19 and Influenza on Health Systems During Flu Season

Maximizing Influenza vaccine utilization rates among high-risk patients and essential workers is a strategy that can reduce disease management strain on health and patient care organizations.

Dynamic Health-risk Engagement Campaigns
High-risk patient group and essential worker targeted campaigns
Automated Patient Outreach and Engagement
Custom engagement protocols and call-to-action functionality
Comprehensive analytics and key performance indicators

End-to-End Influenza Vaccination Campaign Support

Dynamic clinical outreach and engagement campaigns allow healthcare organizations to maximize patient and essential worker adherence to influenza vaccination recommendations. Driving vaccination rates among these high-risk groups align with clinical recommendations for managing seasonal flu during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Our Clinical Outreach and Engagement Engine (CLOEE) provides data-driven workflow automation protocols that support health benefit-driven campaigns.

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Smart Tools for Better Adherence

Smarter Patient Engagement Creates Healthier Populations

Multi Channel Communication
Automated Outreach & Engagement
Optimized Message Content
Personalized Outreach
Actionable Communication
Secure Data Exchange

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