Create a better health experiences for your patients.

Level up your patient engagement capabilities with our automated child health and development risk screening platform.

  • Caregiver-focused Health Risk assessment
  • Child Development Screening
  • Patient Focussed Health Risk Assessment
  • Brief Emotional/Behavioral Assessment

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All-in-one patient engagement and workflow automation platform.

Create value-driven campaigns that enable parents manage pediatric health tasks outside clinical settings:

  • Child health and development risk screening
  • Child wellness check-ins
  • Pre-appointment engagement
  • Post-visit assessment
  • Preventive service engagement
  • Ad-hoc clinical surveys
  • Clinical program enrollment
  • Child health record reconciliation

The Value of Automation

Quick & Efficient

Automated child health and development screenings help pediatricians identify possible health risks with minimal staff resource utilization.

Revenue Potential

Child health and development risk screenings screenings are reimbursable and billed independently of wellness visits.

Better Insights

Pediatricians get better insights and growth status in the health and development of young patients using evidence-based screening instruments.

Quality Reporting

Child health and development risk screenings help meet quality measure reporting benchmarks.

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