We Believe in

Data-driven Performance.

Streamline and maximize organizational performance with intelligent technology tools.

Doing More With Data!

You might not realize it but now live in a data-driven world, and data is now part of our everyday life, and it's not going anywhere any time soon!
Since we can't run away from data, how can we use it to make things work better?
That's where come in, Novatross is a smart technology company that utilizes data to power applications that streamline processes to maximize organizational performance.
Our solutions include;

  • Workflow automation
  • Dynamic engagement
  • Risk assessment
  • Our product/service portfolio includes smart tools for Healthcare, Commercial and Education, and Research industries.

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    Our Company Journey.

    A snapshot of where we've come from and where we are going.


    Bright Green Beginnings

    Working in process-heavy environments with repetitive tasks was tedious and inefficient. Our organization's performance was poor with non-existence growth. We weren't the only ones going through this. Other firms were experiencing this operational malaise too. So decided to make a change and created Novatross, a company dedicated to providing/integrating smart tools that maximize organizational performance.

    We went shopping

    We identified significant opportunities in the healthcare market. Creating a presence in the healthcare marketplace was going to be a lengthy process, so we took an aggressive stance and acquired Sumo-IQ, a consulting company with extensive experience in the healthcare market. This acquisition allowed us to venture into the healthcare space.
    2016 - 2019

    Spent some time in the kitchen

    We invested heavily in developing a suite of software applications to support multiple industries. The underlying principle in our product development was to leverage modern technologies to build solutions that help our clients maximize operational efficiency.
    2020 - beyond

    We stand with you

    No one was ready for the Covid-19 global pandemic. It took us unaware and disrupted our way of life. Businesses had to implement new strategies to remain viable in the new normal. We stood with our clients, new and old, providing them with the best tools to navigate uncertain times. As we look towards the future, we continue to stand with our clients, helping them take on the challenges that lie ahead.

    Healthcare Solutions

    Patient Engagement
    Clinical Data Exchange
    Medical Application and Software Development

    Commercial Solutions

    Smart Engagement Centers
    Workflow Automation
    Dynamic Data Exchange

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