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About Novatross

Smart Health IT Solutions.

Novatross is an Atlanta based Health Information Technology  (HIT) company. We specialize in patient engagement and clinical risk solutions. Our services include;
- Patient Engagement Applications
- HL7 Interoperability Solutions
- Clinical risk, identification & reconciliation
- Medical App and Software Development.

Patient Engagement

A Dynamic clinical engagement platform is instrumental in identifying potential and existing gaps in patient care. Unreconciled care gaps put a patient population at significant risk and greatly impact care costs. With our proprietary patient engagement system (CLOEE), Healthcare organizations can deploy ad-hoc, risk driven, patient engagement protocols that dynamically identify at-risk patients. Upon identification and stratification, CLOEE implements, personalized clinical outreach campaigns, which have an industry high compliance rate, this leads to more successive patient screenings and treatments.

HL-7 Interoperability Solutions

Clinical data exchange between disparate healthcare organizations and systems is a major component in achieving the Triple Aim. We provide Health Information Technology Solutions which allow seamless and secure health data exchanges as a patient moves through the care and treatment cycle. These data transfers, allow care teams and providers to efficiently monitor and react to any change in patient status and well-being.

Medical Application and Software Development

The continual improvement of healthcare administration and patient management, creates a demand for medical applications that either bridge or improve the functionality of exiting healthcare software. Medical professionals play a pivotal role in the improvement of healthcare. Their experience in medical processes makes them an in valuable resource in the development of new-age applications. We collaborate with medical and healthcare professionals to develop solutions which meet the rigorous demands of a modern healthcare system.

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