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Clinical Outreach Engagement Engine

A Different Kind of Engagement.

The shift from a fee for service healthcare model to a value based care delivery system, has placed a greater emphasis on expanding the patient's role and responsibilities in clinical decisions and personal health management. Patient engagement strategies are now more than ever, a key driver, in maximizing patient participation in the expanded role. Studies have shown that health systems with actively engaged patient populations, experience lower health care cost and higher health outcomes. The significant impact of patient opt-in, just made the, "how do we effectively engage patients?" conversation more important!
Our proprietary Clinical Outreach and Engagement Engine (ClOEE™) is an intelligent patient engagement platform built for the demands of a modern healthcare system. ClOEE™ is an automated engagement system that harmonizes all components required for successful patient engagement.
ClOEE™ features;
-Dynamic risk identification & resolution
-Ad-hoc patient outreach
-Personalized engagement campaigns
-Back office management tools
-Engagement activity metrics

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