Ai-driven Health &
Wellness Check-ins.

Helping clinical organizations maximize efficiency and improve
health and mental wellness outcomes for patient populations.

Ai-driven Risk Identification

Health and mental wellness check-ins help identify possible wellness risk factors outside clinical settings.
Early risk identification allows healthcare providers to implement timely interventions.

Tools for Successful Engagement

Dynamic Engagement
Automated Campaign Management
Personalization Outreach

Manage Engagement Campaigns From A Single Platform.

  • Create ad-hoc engagement messaging in multiple languages
  • Build data capture templates on the fly
  • Set escalation flags and decision thresholds
  • Automate follow-ups and next-step actions
  • Distribute templates through highly accessible media
  • Personalize communication to increase opt-in rates
  • Provide campaign visibility through performance metrics
  • Supports integration with enterprise systems

Multi Industry Applications.

Business to Consumer (B2C)
Clinical Trial Management

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